Primary Lines Inc                       

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Macungie, PA 18062

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*ABB Inc.

Engineered Equipment, Systems & Services - Transmission Substation Distribution
Reclosers, Breakers, Switchgear, Transformers, Switchgear, Cutouts, Switches, Capacitors, Scada, OMS, Arresters, Instrument Transformers, RTU, Gateways, Communications and Radios, Smart Grid, Studies, Service


*Honeywell - Elster 
 Meters EnergyAxis Connexo - AMI Systems



*Probewell, Inc.
Field Electic Meter Test Equip


Power Quality and Harmonic Logger, Analyzer & Software



*Trident Industries
Fiberglass Utility Poles – Light weight, long life, green product



 *Power RICH System

Power RICH System is Windows based, Power SCADA System, specifically designed for Power Monitoring and Control Systems using industry standard OPEN protocols  



*Alpha Industrial Power 

Battery systems, chargers and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). 


*Utilismart Corporation 

Turnkey, single point of contact, meter data management (MDM) Online Data Solution Company. We provide end-to-end managed AMI operations, CIS integration (meter-to-cash), voltage monitoring, transformer overloading, outage management and theftdetection. 


*Trinity Meyer Utility Structures, LLC. 

Our expertise in transmission pole design helped to establish the standard for our industry, as Trinity Meyer has contributed to the accepted guidelines used by national standards organizations such as the American Society of Testing Materials, American Welding Society, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.



*Powermetrix -

Field & laboratory meter revenue & site testing



*MicroLNG – natural gas refrigeration processors, stabilizers, distillation columns, pretreatment, and storage systems as required for the site



*PowerSecure Lighting  

Roadway, security, outdoor, electric utility LED lighting - PowerSecure Lighting is a leading manufacturer of LED products because of its proprietary technologies making the performance and aesthetics better than the competition.

5169 Briarwood Drive
Macungie, PA 18062

ph: 610-395-7770
fax: 610-395-8843
alt: 610-751-0983