Primary Lines Inc                       

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*Honeywell - Elster 

Electric Revenue Meters - AMI systems meeting the expanding needs of utilities by providing advanced metering products and services worldwide 

*Probewell, Inc.

Field Electric Meter Test Equipment

Site Test Equipment

*Peak Demand 

Fused cutouts, distribution switches, 600V metering current transformers (CT), distribution insulators.


*Power Line Sentry


Line Markers, Line Hose, Pole Wrap, Conductor Covers, Equipment Covers, Avian Perching Deterrents, Nesting Deterrents.  

Our products are meant for the intersecting point between wildlife and the electrical grid, and we feel it is our responsibility to provide a safe interaction for both sides. 


*Powermetrix -

Field & laboratory meter revenue & site testing, 

Training Benches 


* ZTZ Services 

Has pioneered the development of on-line transformer bushing monitoring since the 1970s.  Our transformer monitoring systems have been further developed and refined ever since.  ZTZ monitoring systems use exclusive algorithms and methods to determine bushing health with the highest confidence level using only one connection to the bushing C1 test tap.  All ZTZ monitoring systems carry a lifetime warranty.  We offer full turnkey installation services.

*Fast Forward

Automated Line Patrol - Fast Forward simplifies line patrol documentation & inspection with a single operator solution effective in inspecting over 30,000 poles per week.

*Trident Industries

Fiberglass Utility Poles – Lightweight, long life, green product

*mPower Innovations 

Developer of innovative GIS software solutions that draws upon more than 30 years of experience in the geospatial industry

*Global Power Partners

Pfiffner has been designing and manufacturing High Voltage Instrument Transformers for more than 80 years.

*Substation Enterprises

Substation Enterprises is an electrical substation packaging company that supplies substation materials and steel structures to the utility industry.

ph: 610-751-0983